• Sensibilia is an annual colloquium promoted by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (under the direction of Prof. Tonino Griffero) and sponsored by several cultural and scientific institutions. The project, started in 2007, is devoted to foster multidisciplinary dialogue and debate on subjects mainly related to perception, the senses, phenomenology of experience, images, body and the like, with the aim to connect different domains – such as philosophy, psychology, natural sciences – from the perspective of a broadly inclusive theory of aisthesis: a science of sensibilia.

  • Sensibilia is structured on a series of coordinated conferences, to be held in Roman cultural institutions, that every year, according to a scheduled calendar, tackle a different general theme, chosen by the advisory board, with the participation of Italian and international scholars from different academic and disciplinary fields, but actively interested in the topic. One or more papers (by one or more authors), previously submitted, are given in each conference and are conceived knowingly to be open to a wide critical debate and assessment by discussants and the participants in the seminar.

  • The proceedings of the conferences are then edited and published in a single volume that collects the essays discussed throughout the year.

  • Sensibilia is readily open to cooperation with analogous research projects and institutions concerned with similar subjects.

  • For additional information, memberships and to submit papers or other materials please contact the director.